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Issues the Libertarian Party of Mississippi is currently addressing


Fund the student not the system, and give parents the choice over their children’s education. Children should not be forced into a box, they are individuals with amazing talents that should be nurtured. Parents are the ones that know what education is appropriate for their children. No current politician will ever vote for an education system that will allow children to be educated enough to understand when the time has come to remove them from office. Remove MAEP so our children are given the opportunity and freedom to think for themselves and prosper.

Defend the Guard 

The Constitution vests the power to declare war exclusively in Congress. Despite this clear language, Congress has repeatedly  abdicated its duty by unconstitutionally delegating that authority to the executive branch. At other times, presidents have simply assumed that power
on their own. The Libertarian Party stands for the Constitutional requirement for YOUR representative to do their jobs and represent you. At this point they’ve taken your voice away and turned it into a dictatorship that requires them to have no accountability to you… their constituents. It’s sad that your children’s lives are what they’re willing to sacrifice for their own dereliction of duty.

Eliminate Unnecessary Taxes 

Currently Mississippi residents pay the highest grocery tax in the nation. This is Indefensible for a state that has a $3.9 Billion dollar surplus and people struggling to make ends meet. Additionally, Mississippians would prosper with no state income tax and it would have no effect on the ability for our state legislators to balance the budget through the multitude of other taxes. Remember, every corporation they subsidize comes from your wallet. They do this to remove the risk of financial loss from the companies, and put their risk on you… the taxpayer. 

2nd Amendment 

This is clear to all Libertarians. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. We will fight for your right to defend yourself!

Individual Freedom 

The Libertarian Party understands that the smallest minority is the individual. If all individuals rights and freedoms are protected then every group has been protected by default. After all, all groups are made up of individuals. Libertarians oppose the idea that government should assume one group of people is so inept that they need special favoritism from the government to get along… it’s insulting.

Small Business 

The Mississippi Libertarian Party believes in small business, so we have engaged in a lawsuit against the federal government to stop a law that was passed with a budget bill during the COVID pandemic that would require every American company or LLC to provide a list of officers and investors of that company to the Department of the Treasury. It’s unconstitutional, and we’re working to protect America’s small businesses and investors from being put on another government list of potential dissenters.


Common Sense On The Issues

We're Not Left, Not Right, We're Constitution First, All American Libertarians!

Live & let live

The Libertarian Party wishes to expand freedoms and limit government intervention so that all Mississippians can live a prosperous and peaceful life. We believe that when individuals take action they can make a difference in the community, and that taking action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, we work tirelessly each day to contribute our part to making Mississippi a place for all.

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